on red, gravelly roads, down rows of sugar maples, past clapboard farmhouses and neat, clapboard churches

Suzie LeBlanc to Sing

On Saturday, 8 August 2015, the EBSNS presents The Elizabeth Bishop Festival, a one-day arts extravaganza, in Great Village, N.S.

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Driving Directions to the Elizabeth Bishop House

EBSNS is a provincial association that celebrates Elizabeth Bishop’s connections to Nova Scotia, and especially Great Village. We welcome visitors from around the world. Please use the Goolge Map link to obtain driving directions to Great Village.

Deep in Snow

On Sunday, 15 February 2015, the Maritimes were hit with a classic "raging blizzard." It started in the morning and lasted all day and night. By Monday, 16 February, the snow had stopped but the fierce winds continued all day. Snowfall amounts varied across the province, but an average of perhaps 50cm fell, and it was whipped around causing huge drifts.

Elizabeth Bishop Festival

Inspired by the life and art of Pulitzer Prize winning poet Elizabeth Bishop, The Elizabeth Bishop Festival is a one-day arts extravaganza fon August 8, 2015, which will bring together over 30 Nova Scotia artists and artisans from a wide range of disciplines to share their work and ideas about the creative process with art lovers from far and wide.