Today, 20 June 2020, would have been the EBSNS Annual General Meeting in Great Village, N.S., but because of pandemic restrictions the meeting was cancelled. The society must still present its reports, which can be viewed below by clicking on the links. EBSNS Financial Report; EBSNS Nominating Committee Report; the President’s Report will be posted as soon as it is available.



The Society is presenting “Two Arts,” a collection of EB-inspired drawings by Natallia Povaliayeva, on its blog. This exhibit will be active, with an accompanying fund-raiser, until the end of August. After August, it will still be possible to purchase prints of the images — go to the blog and learn more.


Due to the covid-19 pandemic and the strict public health measures in place in Nova Scotia and around the world, the EBSNS is cancelling its 2020 Annual General Meeting that would have taken place on 20 June. The society will post its Financial, Nominating Committee and President’s Reports on this website in late June. We regret not to be able to host our guest speaker Laura Churchill Duke this year, but she will be able to join us in 2021. We will be issuing our 2020 newsletter as usual, sending it to our members by email. We will also post an update about our exhibit of and fund-raiser with Natallia Povaliayeva’s work sometime in May. We hope everyone stays safe and well and follows the instructions of public health officials, as we try our best to flatten the curve and mitigate the worst effects of the corona virus. Take good care. EBSNS Board.


“Two Arts” virtual exhibit now underway — checkout the EBSNS blog.


(Laura Churchill Duke)

The EBSNS is pleased to say that our guest speaker will be Nova Scotia writer and journalist Laura Churchill Duke. She will read from and talk about her book Two Crows Sorrow. You can learn more about Laura by going to her website.

The society is pleased to announce that the Echoes of EB Art Gallery (in St. James Church) will present an exhibit of whimsical and wise drawings by Natalia Povalyaeva of Minsk, Belarus.

(Natallia Povaliayaeva)

Natalia’s images are inspired visual interpretations of Bishop’s poetry and prose. As more details become available next year, we will update this notice.


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